Fiamma Vesuviana s.r.l.
Via Pentelete, 77
80044 – Ottaviano (NA)
tel +39 081 8270477
fax +39 081 8270508

Our company was founded in 1924 as Conserve Ambrosio by the Ambrosio family and officially became Fiamma Vesuviana Srl in 1959. The passion of the Ambrosio’s family, at the head of the company for 3 generations and for over 80 years, has lead the FV Srl to be one of the most experienced and financially stable supplier in the field of preserved food. FV Srl is based in the south of Italy. It is headquartered near Naples in the town of Ottaviano at the bottom of the volcano Vesuvio
– from which it takes its name: “Vesuvius’ Flame”
– In addition to producing canned vegetables, the Fv Srl has also been involved in the production of pasta made from 100% durum wheat semolina and it is also known for its olive and vegetables oils as well as wine and balsamic vinegars.
Through the large variety of its products, typical of the Mediterranean diet, the FV Srl meets the needs of the most exigent customers, as well as the high standards of emerging markets, where the presence of Italian quality food is reinforcing day by day. Products follow a proved system of selection of raw materials and are manufactured according to the severe rules of UNI EN ISO 22000 and Haccp certificates. They are also available to be consolidated in one order. Moreover, thanks to its geographical position, between the ports of Naples and Salerno and close to the Nola Interport, FV Srl can always provide efficient solutions for supplying and shipping. In fact, FV Srl is an export oriented Company. Currently FV Srl exports over 85% of its productions in more than 75 countries over the globe and we are proud to be one of the reliable supplier of Italian quality food.